Lathe Long Turning Attachment

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Lathe Long Turning Attachment

Product Details:

Material MS
Max level Of Turning Slides 100 mm(3.937 inch)
Max Angle for taper turning either slide 15 degree
Available Models AS-42, AS-60

For components winch cannot be produced by plunge cut rig, a longitudinal turning slide can be mounted on the loss slides. The sliding movement of this attachment is controlled by a two-pin lever. Thus, stepped longitudinal operations can be made by utilising the separate setting possibilities of the two cross movements or holding cams. when machining cylindrical or tapered parts, the front cross slide can be provided with built-in locking which compensates for any inaccuracy in the concentricity of the cam. 

Other Specifications


  • Handle Crank  
  • Extra weight 
  • Rope for bar feed, the pusher rod 
  • Stand bar support head 
  • LN Keyset 
  • Tool Tray
  • Chuck open spanner 
  • Spindle nut's spanner 
  • Double end spanner 6 to 19 & 22 x 24 
  • Sq. angle box spanner 6mm. 
  • Sq. box spanner 6mm. 


  • For AS-15 AS-25 AS-30
Technical Data Long Turning Attechment
Max level Of Turning Slides 70 mm(2.755 inch)
Max Angle for taper turning either slide 15 degree

Other Details:

Models with Mechnical Chucking   AS-15 AS-25 AS-30 AS-30 A5-60
Max. Spindle Capacity            
For Round Bars. mm 15 25 30 42 60
For Hexagonal Bars mm 12 22 26 36 52
For Square Bars. mm 10 18 21 29 42
Distance From Collet to Face of Tail Stock - 240 240 240 395 395
Turning Length with Longitudinal            
TurningAttachment mm 70 70 70 100 100
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